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The journal Afrique contemporaine resumed its publication cycle in June 2022 with issue 273, followed by issue 274 in December 2022. The journal is now published by the association ‘La Nouvelle Afrique contemporaine’ (AfCo) and distributed by Cairn


A magazine of continuity


Afrique contemporaine is a French-language journal, created in 1962, in the enthusiasm of independence. 2,000 authors have contributed to its writing. It is a multidisciplinary scientific journal dedicated to the study of African dynamics. It is aimed at all actors interested in the continent in its diversity – researchers, students, journalists, decision-makers, members of civil society or simple observers.


An observatory of contemporary African dynamics


The journal’s ambition is to participate in the movement to renew thinking on Africa by relying on an in-depth knowledge of the realities on the ground, validated by a scientific approach. Contemporary Africa places particular emphasis on the formulation and implementation of public policies. It bears witness to the new aspirations expressed by the ‘actors of change’ to conquer fundamental sovereignties (democracy, politics, diplomacy, security, gender, economy).

At the same time, Contemporary Africa strives to capture the links between Africa and the rest of the world.


Finally, the journal intends to give full scope to the analysis of the diversity of the trajectories of the countries of the continent as inscribed in a specific history, institutions and sociology in order to shed light on current realities


A new publisher: the association Nouvelle Afrique contemporaine


The journal is now published by the Association “Nouvelle Afrique contemporaine” created in February 2022. It is published on the francophone digital platform Cairn (


A consistent editorial background


One million readers consulted the Afrique contemporaine website in 2021. Through the number and richness of the 2,000 articles produced over the years, the 274 issues of the journal contribute to research. It thus contributes to the study of the problems of the African continent, based on a substantial editorial base and validated by a scientific approach. 


With the same high standards


The journal maintains its high standards (double-blind evaluation). With a renewed Editorial Board and Scientific Advisory Board, with an even greater opening to African authors. 


An open-source site open to a new generation of authors


Afrique contemporaine is now designed as a digital platform to make it more responsive, to give it the flexibility to receive contributions, to facilitate access for readers and to reduce costs. The journal publishes thematic issues (dossiers), varias under different independent headings (“African News”, “Interviews”, “Controversies”, “History”, etc.) and book reviews. It is published online in full text on, a portal for humanities and social sciences journals. The journal welcomes articles that are spontaneously proposed, others that are solicited (thematic issues), accepted after validation, according to a system that has already been tested in digital journals.


And multiple activities


The dialogue between authors and readers is extended through a multimodal editorial system. Conferences, organised in France or in the countries concerned by the themes covered by the journal, constitute an operational extension of each publication.


The founders of the association “Nouvelle Afrique contemporaine


Joël Aïvo/Christine Desouches/Jean du Bois de Gaudusson/

Isabelle Fortuit/François Gaulme/Jean-Pierre Listre/Pierre Jacquemot/Paul Melly/

Bonaventure Mvé Ondo/Marc Raffinot/Jean-Bernard Veron/


Next issues:

  • N° 275: Women and food sovereignty in Africa, due out in May 2023
  • N°276: Varia, due out in September 2023