Spreading a “Moderate Islam”? Morocco’s New African Religious Diplomacy

From the field
By Cédric Baylocq, Aziz Hlaoua, Claire Stout

On Friday, 27 March 2015, Morocco’s ruler inaugurated the Mohammed VI Institute, an academy for the training of imams, morchidins and morchidates. The educational complex will train students from the Cherifian Monarchy as well as countries in the Sahel and sub-Saharan Africa who are looking for a moderate religious framework—that of a ’middle path’ Islam (al wasatiyya) that Morocco has chosen as the academy’s guiding principle. This article first examines official representations of this “moderate Islam” and the goals it may achieve in the current African political and religious context. The authors then give voice to individuals drawn to or enrolled in the academy.


  • Islam
  • Morocco
  • Imam
  • morchidins
  • morchidates
  • religious education
  • Malikism
  • Asharism
  • Sufism
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