Support actions for women’s groups in the Poro region (Côte d’Ivoire)

Special report: Women and food sovereignty: resilience, autonomy and inventiveness
By Adama Touré, Ségbé G.-R. Ballé, Kassoum Traore

This study aims to analyze the contribution of the assistance of the World Food Program (WFP) which supported ten agricultural groups of women in the Poro region, in their progressive empowerment. It mobilized data based on a sample of 371 women and on interviews with partner structures. The results show that WFP assistance has promoted the legal formalization of the ten beneficiary groups. In addition, their agricultural capacity has been increased with a better endowment of groups with agricultural equipment and an increase in the average surface area of market garden crops. All groups now have a bank account. WFP assistance has enabled members to improve their income from individual plots and to acquire a culture of savings. This allows women to contribute more to household expenses, especially food and health. Assistance to women's groups is an effective alternative option for the quest for their autonomy and food security in rural areas.

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